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Evander Holyfield agreed to fight Mike Tyson and protested a loss that saw him out-of-depth, delusional and seriously affecting his long-lasting boxing legacy on Saturday night.

“The Real Deal” is a huge legend in the sport, but his actions after losing pitifully against Vitor Belfort have no place in our great sport.

He told Triller commentators, including rapper 50 Cent fresh from his 9/11 advertisement post on Instagram, that he was fine to continue after being stopped in less than two minutes.

The truth is, Evander, you were never in a position to fight in the first place. Someone around needs to tell you this at the earliest opportunity.

You are one of the greatest fighters boxing has ever seen, but you REALLY don’t need to fight anymore. You thrilled us all and earned a well-deserved rest and retirement.


Instead of noting this in his post-fight interview, Holyfield unfathomably called out Mike Tyson. What is going on?

“I wasn’t able to bounce back like I used to. I let him get too close. But he’s strong, and he pushed me, but I wasn’t hurt.

“I’m not hurt at all. Yes, I’m still interested in fighting Mike Tyson,” stated the once-awesome champion.

Many of those involved in the professional code revealed their thoughts about Holyfield’s future, though.

Evander Holyfield knocked down heavyweight
Amanda Westcott

AEW Wrestling star and former middleweight Anthony Ogogo stated: “Whoever commissioned this fight and whoever Holyfield has around him and encouraged him to fight, need to have a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror.

“It’s not only tarnishing a once-great legacy. It’s further damaging the faculties of a once-great champion.”

Teddy Atlas added: “Other major sports have a pension, wish mine did so these great warriors wouldn’t have to do what Evander did tonight.

“Put a 2% tax on all the large promotions during the year that gross millions put into a fund for retired fighters. Greedy promoters wouldn’t even feel it.

“Joe Louis, Ali, Holyfield, only the names change, not the results or the sadness,” he said.


Ex-world title-holder Ishe Smith aired his views too.

“Woke up from a nap, honestly couldn’t make myself even watch Evander,” stated Smith.

“Wake up to him getting stopped by a man he would have absolutely destroyed back in the day.

“This is why Cali said no, and his license in NY was suspended. Shame on Triller, Shame on Fl. What a disgrace.”

Hard to disagree with anything said.

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