The Undertaker

The Undertaker encouraged Brock Lesnar to leave WWE

In quite an odd clash of cultures, the legend that is The Undertaker appeared on The True Geordie Podcast to peel back the curtain on his long and successful career.

Real name Mark Calaway, The Undertaker revealed a number of insights from his time in wrestling, including his time alongside Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar himself is a big name in the industry, having won titles in both the UFC and WWE.

Interestingly enough, The Deadman suggested to Lesnar that he should leave WWE back in 2004, if that was what he wanted to do.

“I think Brock was at a point where I think he wanted to do something different,” he admitted.

“And honestly, and I really haven’t told this story very often, he was thinking about going to play pro football. I was like, ‘Brock, you’ve got to do what is right for Brock. Everyone is going to be p* that you’re going to leave. And they’ve put all this money and push behind you. But if you don’t go do this, you’re going to look back one day with the what-ifs.’

“I don’t know how much influence he had, he did end up leaving.”

Whilst The Undertaker is a household name in WWE alone, having amassed a number of records including the infamous WrestleMania streak, Lesnar ventured out a lot more. He had ambitions to play in the NFL as well as those that he followed to the UFC and back again.

“I didn’t hold any grudge, always in the back of my mind, it felt like he would be back someday. It’s just usually the way it works out,” ‘Taker concluded.

“But I do know you can’t live with what-ifs, it’ll eat you up. I didn’t have as big of a problem as some people did with it.”

As mentioned by The Phenom, he didn’t hold it against Lesnar that he had ambitions to go elsewhere. This was based on the fact that he always felt a return was imminent for the seven-time WWE Champion and two-time Royal Rumble victor.

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