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Twelve-year-old Arturo Gatti Jr. continues preparations to follow his famous father’s footsteps by training alongside heavyweight great Mike Tyson.

The youngster, who bears a striking resemblance to his dad, got bitten by the boxing bug early on. Let’s face it, blood coursing through his veins from Arturo Gatti, how could he not?

World Boxing News covered Gatti’s progress last summer through lockdown as he hit the headlines for some striking poses mimicking Sr.

But the more he progresses, the more the similarities become even more evident.

Now, with pointers from Tyson in his latest Instagram video, Gatti is heading in the right direction with his career.

Tyson was the youngest ever top division champion. Last year, he made a remarkable comeback to face Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition as the bout ended in a draw.

Since then, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” has continued to keep himself in shape ahead of a rumored return battle with old rival Lennox Lewis.

Losing to Lewis badly in 2002, facing his old nemesis, could be a real money-maker for Tyson and his “Legends Only League” – if it comes to fruition.

As for Gatti, his time will surely come in years down the line. However, boxing isn’t the only sport in his life. A keen motorbike rider, Gatti has other things to occupy his time also.

Taking after somebody as legendary as Arturo Sr. will see plenty of eyes on Jr. and plenty of suitors wanting to handle his career.

Gatti Sr. is, of course, known for his trilogy clashes with Micky Ward. The pair waged war in a saga for the ages, with the ninth round of the first meeting the consensus best round of boxing ever witnessed.

The guts shown by both warriors get respected the world over. Gatti and Ward became household names overnight.

Sadly, as many champions do, Gatti was gone far before his time after fighting demons outside of the ring. His legend lives on and certainly will through Arturo Gatti Jr – whatever path he takes.

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