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Muhammad Ali showed Howard Cosell how to do the famous ‘Ali shuffle’ in 1966

Muhammad Ali showed legendary broadcaster Howard Cosell how to do the famous ‘Ali shuffle’ during an appearance on ABC’s Wide World of Sports in 1966.

‘The Greatest’ was invited to the network’s studio, where he was asked to demonstrate his famous move on live television.

Ali, who at the time was only 24 years old, was only too happy to oblige as he showed off his dancing feet.

Footage circulating on Twitter shows Ali demonstrating how he used the move – which was subsequently named after him – when he fought Cleveland Williams at the Houston Astrodome in November 1966.

The boxing legend can be seen dressed in a stylish black suit and trousers with matching shoes and socks.

In the clip, he says: “This is unexpected. I didn’t know you would invite me to do this.

“Woah, hold up. You must be on boxing position and just have a little dance like you’re in boxing and just one second I have to time it.

“For one second. Right there.”

WATCH: Muhammad Ali shows off his famous ‘Ali shuffle’ on live television

Check out the video below…

Speaking on an episode of ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ in 1991, Cosell recalled how he first met Ali as a teenager after he returned home from the Olympics in 1960.

He said: “I used to be on locally, nightly, and the first time I had Ali on he was back from Rome, he had won the gold, and he had just had a meeting with Harry Marxim.

“But anyway, there’s Ali sitting there with me, and I said, ‘Where’ve you been?’

“He says, ‘Oh I’m just back from meeting with Mr Marxim and the Garden and so on.

“I said, “Oh yeah about advances and money? You’re going to fight for them?

“And then he suddenly looks at me and he says, ‘You know an awful lot about this stuff don’t you?’

“I said, ‘Well I know an awful lot about who’s running the Garden and I don’t think you should be involved with that’.

“He said ‘I ain’t involved with no-one. I ain’t involved with no-one!

“I said I think the one you should listen to is Angelo Dundee who is your trainer.

“And he says, ‘What do you think about me?’

“I said, ‘If I had a son who is a fighter wouldn’t let anyone touch him but Dundee because he knows who all the crooks are’.

“And we hit it off very well together, and as he left me that day, he said, ‘I like this, you’re kind of with it’.

“And I said, ‘You do what I tell you, you’ll be alright. Stay away from those people’.

“And we always did hit it off.”

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