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Could Seth Rollins’ WrestleMania Moment Really Be Against The Undertaker?

Save Cody for the Raw After WrestleMania.

Seth Rollins has been on a quest to get his WrestleMania moment for the past few weeks to no avail. For some fans, the WWE Superstar without a road to WrestleMania has become an overused trope in recent years. This has felt a little different and drawn in more fans, exactly what WWE is trying to do, for a number of reasons, though. Partly because this iteration of Rollins might be the best we have seen so far, another take that has fans split, but mainly because fans are tuning into Raw every week with the hope that Cody Rhodes will be the one who answers Rollins’ call.

Rollins And Rhodes’ WrestleMania Moment
Rhodes leaving AEW has been the biggest story of the year so far, and at this point, it seems all but certain The American Nightmare has done the unthinkable and re-signed with WWE. A match at WrestleMania against one of WWE’s top stars is exactly the level of debut some fans are hoping Rhodes gets when he finally does return to the company. It would certainly ease the fears that Vince McMahon has already got the Stardust makeup out waiting for him.

Rollins has teased a meeting with the WWE chairman today (Monday) which likely means the angle will be furthered tonight on Raw. I mean, even without the meeting, tonight is the last Raw before WrestleMania, so something needs to happen. The only other option is Raw goes off the air tonight and Rollins gets surprised by Rhodes at some point during this weekend’s two-night WrestleMania. That being said, it’s definitely a possibility. John Cena did the very same thing on his own barren road to WrestleMania, eventually being surprised by The Undertaker at the eleventh hour after weeks of calling him out.

Time To Revive The Deadman

Now, hold that thought. Bully Ray had a very interesting theory on Busted Open last week. What if Rollins does leave Raw without a WrestleMania opponent tonight, and goes into the weekend without a match? The decorated Dudley Boy suggested that the man who will answer Rollins’ call won’t be Rhodes at all, but it’ll be The Deadman. An homage to the short match he and Cena had a few years ago, and a way to get Undertaker back on the card without ruining his retirement.

Think about it for a minute and this could be the way to go for so many reasons. Kevin Owens’ fight/brawl/match/square dance or whatever it’s going to be with Stone Cold will go down on night one. If WWE has any sense, it will open the show with it. Just imagine the first thing 100,000 fans hear in Texas to open WrestleMania is Austin’s glass breaking. The pop would be deafening. Fast-forward 24 hours and the first thing night two’s fans hear is Rollins’ music. No match in sight, The Architect informs the world he is holding WrestleMania hostage until he gets the moment he believes he deserves.

It’s at that moment The Undertaker’s gong sounds and The Phenom makes his way to the ring to get rid of Rollins. I can just imagine an irate McMahon summoning The Deadman and angrily demanding he go take care of Rollins so the show can go on. It would also be a sneaky way to get The Undertaker out in front of fans three nights in a row. Friday for the Hall of Fame, Saturday when they parade the new HoFers in front of the WrestleMania crowd, and then Sunday for an altercation with Rollins.

Above all else, for me at least, it ensures Rhodes will make what is presumably his imminent WWE re-debut on the most effective night of all. The Raw after WrestleMania. Fans will know by that point that Rhodes is almost definitely going to be on the show. Have a few other debuts (Veer, LA Knight, the return of someone like Asuka) throughout the show, saving Rhodes for the very last segment. The pop would be huge, and it doesn’t really matter who it’s against, although Rollins would be best considering the thread the past few weeks. This will be the first Raw after WrestleMania in front of fans for three years. Debuting Rhodes to close the show would make sure it’s one we don’t soon forget.

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