Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s grandson is a spitting image of boxing legend

Muhammad Ali is considered to be one of, if not the, greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

Having become champion three times during his time in the sport, he is not just a sporting icon, but also an icon in the fight for equal rights.

One grandson of Ali’s Nico Ali Walsh has already stepped into the ring and his making waves of his own.

His other grandson, however, Muhammad Conway Jr, seems to be the spitting image of a young Ali.

Ali’s daughter Lailla posted the picture of her son on Instagram with the caption: “I’m still amazed at how my boy looks just like my Dad… with a sprinkle of my husband too.”

Fans were quick to agree with Lailla, with one commenting: “Wow its uncanny how much your son carries your father in his face.”

Another fan agreed with the sentiment: “That Ali bloodline is real. Your dad lives on!” Another fan couldn’t quite believe just how similar they look: “Omg, a sprinkle where? Lol that’s Ali’s entire face.”

“Uncanny remarkable what an inheritance. The champ reborn, blessings,” one fan wrote as they hope to see someone with Ali’s skills step back into the ring, why couldn’t it be his grandson?

Ali’s daughter Lailla did too fight in the boxing ring, following her father’s footsteps by reaching the professional ranks.

She hung up her gloves with a record of 24-0, as a two-weight world champion and all in all having an incredible career in her own right.

Lailla married former NFL player Curtis Conway shortly after said retirement from boxing and has two children with him, Conway Jr and a 10-year-old daughter.

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