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The Undertaker Has “No Idea” Who The Old Lady Is In Famous Photo

That photo featuring The Deadman's grandma? It ain't his grandma.

After a few false finishes, The Undertaker finally wrestled his very last match at WrestleMania 36. A Boneyard Match against AJ Styles. Since then, The Deadman has been able to let out what has effectively been 30 years of bottling up his real self as he has strived to stay in character regardless of the situation. That has led to a slew of interviews and a bunch of big reveals about Taker’s life and career.

The Deadman’s Grandma

There’s so much fans want to know about The Undertaker, he’ll probably still be fielding questions he has never been asked before years from now. Something we hadn’t seen him quizzed about before now popped up during The Phenom’s appearance on Ryan Satin’s Out Of Character. How exactly a photo from around 25 years ago showing The Undertaker with his grandmother managed to find it into the public domain.

If you’ve not seen the pic, you can check it out below. Odds are the majority of you will have seen it before, along with some sort of witty caption about even The Deadman loving his grandma. The thing is, the old lady in the photo isn’t The Undertaker’s grandma. In fact, the soon-to-be Hall Of Famer doesn’t know who she is.

So Who’s That Old Lady?

“I have no idea who that is and why I’m in that lady’s house,” Undertaker said on the show. You see a photo of a wrestler with an old lady in what looks like that old lady’s house, you naturally assume the lady is the wrestler’s grandmother. The photo, which has been doing the rounds for years, was twice as amusing since The Phenom was clearly still in character. However, it’s not Grandma Taker, and since the man himself doesn’t remember who it is, we might now never know the lady’s identity and what exactly an in-character Undertaker was doing there.

There was once a time when wrestlers would stay with fans between shows in an attempt to save money that would have otherwise been spent on a hotel room. Perhaps the woman in the photo was a fan who was kind enough to put Undertaker, and perhaps a few other wrestlers, up for the night. Since the fan in question probably isn’t around anymore, we may now never find out who she was.

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