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The Undertaker Reveals The Advice He Gave To Brock Lesnar In 2004

The Undertaker gave a valuable piece of advice to fellow WWE legend Brock Lesnar back in 2004. Here's what he told the WWE Champion.

During his 30-year tenure as a WWE superstar, The Undertaker served as an honest and well-respected locker room leader.

Fans have heard the stories about “Wrestlers’ Court”, in which The Undertaker served as a “judge” to solve backstage problems involving other WWE talents. But The Phenom wasn’t just a problem solver throughout his 30 years in the company. He also served as a valuable mentor to younger talents.

During an interview on the True Geordie Podcast (h/t, The Undertaker revealed some of the most important advice he handed to one of the company’s marquee stars back in 2004: Current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

“I think Brock was at a point where he wanted to do something different,” Undertaker explained. “Honestly, I told him…he was thinking

about going to play pro football, I said, ‘Brock, you have to do what’s right for Brock.'”

Undertaker informed Lesnar that even though people would be mad if he left, and even though he’d be leaving lots of money behind, the then-26-year-old superstar would not want “to look back with a what if.” The Phenom admits he’s unsure of “how much influence” his advice had on Lesnar, but he was confident that the sports entertainment legend would eventually return.

“He did end up leaving,” Undertaker continued. “He tried football, didn’t work, he ends up in the UFC. I didn’t hold any grudge…in the back of my mind, I felt like he would be back someday. It’s usually the way it works out, but I do know that you can’t life with ‘what if’ I didn’t have a big problem like most people did with it.”

Lesnar’s final match of his initial WWE tenure was a largely forgettable bout against future Hall of Famer Goldberg at WrestleMania 20. The fans at Madison Square Garden knew that both stars were leaving the company (Goldberg’s contract was about to expire), and so they booed and heckled the two former World Champions throughout the match.

After the match, special guest referee ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin delivered a Stunner to both wrestlers, which fired up the previously hostile crowd.

Everything Worked Out For Lesnar In The End

Lesnar never made it to the NFL, but as Undertaker pointed out, you don’t want to live your life thinking “What if”? Lesnar, of course, would embark on a highly successful and accomplished career in the UFC. Eight years after his well-documented WWE departure, Lesnar would return to the company. Fast forward to 2022, and he remains one of the premier stars and main event draws of professional wrestling. Indeed, it all worked out for Lesnar in the very end.

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