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“All I could think was how he tried to behead him with that chair”- Former WWE star shoots at The Undertaker for something in his Hall of Fame speech

A former WCW/WWE star took to Twitter to react to The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame speech and wasn’t happy with him on a certain thing.

The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by WWE Owner Vince McMahon on April 1 this year. The Phenom headlined the Hall of Fame, class of 2022. The Deadman broke down in tears as he gave an emotional speech during the induction ceremony.

He delivered a long and heartfelt speech that saw him recalling his time on the road. But, a former WWE star wasn’t happy and took exception to a few lines that The Undertaker said in his Hall of Fame induction speech.

The Deadman used the word ‘respect’ a bunch of times while he delivered his speech. He said that respect and loyalty go a long way. The Phenom took the fans behind the curtains and show them the man behind the Black Hat. He Said:

“For the last 30 years, my identity has been ‘Undertaker.’ The Phenom, The Deadman, the American Badass, and the taker of souls. Tonight, I’m gonna take you behind the curtain and meet the man behind the black hat, Mark Calaway. I wanted to show you the same respect you’ve shown me for so many years.”

Former WCW/WWE star Buff Bagwell reacts to The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame Speech

Buff Bagwell was not with the Deadman talking about respect during his speech. He took to Twitter to react and felt that The Undertaker was being a backslider by mentioning the word ‘respect.’ He further recalled a moment when The Undertaker recklessly hit ex WCW star Chris Kanyon with a chair. Bagwell Tweeted:

“Good speech by Undertaker. He talked a lot about respecting everyone and all I could think was how did he respect Kanyom when he tried to behead him with that chair.”

Why did The Undertaker thrash Chris Kanyon back in 2003?

The Phenom was involved in a rivalry with Big Show and A-Train in early 2003. During an episode of SmackDown, The Undertaker received a ‘gift’ from Show which was in the shape of a large box. Inside the gift, it was Kanyon who came out and started singing, “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?”

The unsettling segment ended with The Phenom brutally slamming Kanyon with a Steel Chair. After that segment, Kanyon didn’t do much on WWE TV and spent the remainder of his WWE run as a lower-card wrestler. Kanyon’s tragic life came to an end in 2010.

Although The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame speech was praised by the wrestling community, Buff Bagwell was not delighted with him citing the word ‘respect.’

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