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When Mike Tyson uttered the immortal words “I wanna eat his children” to heavyweight rival Lennox Lewis, the shocking beef soon got squashed in the ring.

It was a complete performance after a controversy-littered build-up as Lewis put Tyson on his backside in 2002.

Now, Tyson wants to go back up against an opponent who completely dominated him and that’s exactly what could happen with his old foe.

Who knows, maybe “The Baddest Man on the Planet” wants to eat Lewis’ grandchildren this time?


Speaking to TMZ this week, Tyson revealed there’s a chance they could meet again.

“I’m going to fight, Lennox Lewis. September,” he told the news source.”

It comes on the back of Lewis teasing earlier this year that he will come out of retirement.

“Do you want me to dust these off?” – he stated after years of outlining that if the money were right (around $100 million), “The Pugilist Specialist” would fight again.

When he retired, Lewis was adamant he passed the torch to the Klitschko’s, and his boxing career was over. He got the itch a few years later.

Lennox Lewis Mike Tyson


At the time, he said: “I am proud that I have the luxury of ending my career on my terms.

“This should serve as a real-life example for other boxers and professional athletes.

“Boxers, like all athletes, must realize how important it is for them to understand every aspect of the business dealings that surround them.

“I am excited about the future of boxing. I know Vitali Klitschko is disappointed that we won’t be facing each other in the ring again.

“But the challenge before him now is the same challenge that I faced years ago; to become the best heavyweight of his generation.

“I look forward to watching Vitali, Corrie Sanders, and other boxers compete for that honor.”

Fast forward two decades, and one thing has changed, boxing has turned to the old guard as the new breed of fighter/promoter continues to avoid the biggest fights.

Fans want fresh entertainment these days, apparently, and that includes a pair of fifty-something golden oldies dusting off the gloves in an attempt to give a flashback to their era.

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