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Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has big plans to gain revenge on ex-foes Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” is back in full swing, having made a remarkable comeback to the ring in 2020.

Tyson fought out a draw opposite Roy Jones Jr. in a groundbreaking Pay Per View that entered the all-time top ten.

The result didn’t matter, though. It was all about losing weight, getting fit, and enjoying being inside the ropes again.

Fast forward six months, and things have now changed for Mike Tyson. He’s no longer playing nice.

The American wants revenge on the two fighters who defeated him towards the end of his career at the sport’s pinnacle.

Discussing his intentions to fight and defeat both Holyfield and Lewis, Tyson revealed his determination to put it right this year.

“I want Holyfield, and I want Lennox Lewis this year,” Tyson said on his Hotboxing podcast. “I want both of them. And I think I can beat them both this year.”

Mike Tyson Still the Baddest

Adding that he also wants a crack at the current WBC champion, the New Yorker stated: “I (can) box an exhibition with Tyson Fury.

“If I do that. Even if I can get those two guys, I’ll say this is a wrap. I can go and live my life. And that’s just exhibitions.

“I’m going to break all my true records with exhibitions,” he added.


Lewis has previously been open to battling Tyson again after dominating him in 2002. “The Pugilist Specialist” walked away from his experience with a chomp in his leg.

But it was the feud with Holyfield that captured more attention. “The Real Deal” got off a lot worse.

Despite beating Tyson twice, Holyfield had to part with a chunk of his ear as a shocked referee in Mills Lane watched on.

Subsequently banned from the sport and fined, Tyson has since appeared in commercials with Holyfield, and the pair have buried the hatchet.

Seeing them both in the ring again this year would bring back many provocative memories for both former champions.

Furthermore, it’s the fight everyone is looking forward to seeing for the third time.

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