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Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali: Fantasy superfight simulated & it’s chaos

YouTube channel Boxing Fight Simulations has simulated a fantasy superfight between heavyweight legends Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali on classic video game Fight Night Champion.

The pair are arguably the best ever to grace the sport of boxing, however, never faced each other as they were active in the sport at different times.

The simulated fight was created to see who would come out on top between the two greats and boy was it a humdinger.

After round one, Ali seems to be in control and taking far less damage than what he delivered to Tyson. In fact, the latter was already suffering from a cut underneath his left eye, showing the damage caused by the former.

It is also noticeable that Ali is much taller than Tyson and therefore is giving him an advantage in the fight.

At the end of round two, Ali still seems to be in control, despite taking a massive body blow from Tyson, but it’s round three where all hell breaks loose.

Round three starts and 25 seconds in, Ali knocks his opponent down. The referee begins the count, but Tyson manages to get back to his feet in time.

Both fighters are already starting to lose stamina by this point, and after just being knocked down himself, Tyson hooks a left hand to Ali’s face and sends him to the canvas. Ali recovers and gets up on the count of five.

Round four of 15 begins and Tyson has many cuts on his face, whereas Ali does not appear to have any.

Forty five seconds into round four and Tyson lands an uppercut to Ali, who is knocked down for a second time, but gets back up on the count of five.

Seconds later, Ali then knocks down Tyson, who also gets up on the count of five.

Ali knocked down Tyson two more times, and on the second time, the latter failed to get up before the count and therefore Ali was crowned the winner of the fight by way of knockout.

What. A. Scrap!

We won’t ever see Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson, so this is the best we’ll get, but boy was it great to watch!

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