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The Undertaker Appears At Pitbull Concert In Saudi Arabia Ahead Of Crown Jewel

The Undertaker opened a Pitbull concert in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, possibly ahead of an appearance at Crown Jewel.

The Undertaker is in Saudi Arabia ahead of Crown Jewel, making an appearance in full character to introduce Pitbull at a concert in Riyadh.

It’s Crown Jewel day, and in just a few hours what might be the most anticipated card in WWE’s still-short Saudi Arabian history will get underway. Two women’s matches will take place on the same show for the first time ever in Saudi Arabia, and the show will likely be closed by a Universal Title match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

The Undertaker Introduces Pitbull

What this Saudi show will be missing that most others have had is an appearance from The Undertaker. Or will it? Crown Jewel is one of many events taking place in Riyadh this week, and the festivities are already underway. Pitbull performed a concert in the Saudi Arabian capital on Wednesday night, and he was introduced by a certain someone.

That’s right, it was The Undertaker. The Deadman slowly walked out onto the stage, in full Undertaker gear and with his music playing, and proceeded to say it was his honor to introduce Pitbull to the fans waiting to see him. It sounds like he got quite the reaction too, and now any of the fans at the concert who will also be at Crown Jewel will be expecting to see him again tonight.

Absent Since Survivor Series

The Undertaker hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since his Final Farewell at Survivor Series, the first anniversary of which is fast approaching. You have to go back even further than that for his last match. The Boneyard Match he wrestled against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. A docuseries called The Last Ride aired on the WWE Network shortly after that showing The Undertaker out of character more than ever before.

All of the above has made it feel as if The Undertaker is really done wrestling this time. He has appeared to retire before, of course, only to be coaxed back between the ropes for “one more match”. That’s not necessarily what’s happening here, but it is the first time WWE has been to Saudi Arabia since he retired. If he does make an appearance, perhaps it will just be to open the show, or maybe to give someone a quick tombstone to pop the crowd.

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