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Manny Pacquiao Drops Unrealistic NFT: Here’s How to Buy It

Manny Pacquiao, the eight-division world champion, has joined hands with the collectible brand, Ethernity, to promote his NFT samples. Following the surging popularity of NFTs, Pacquiao’s move will turn him transparent to the fans, nurturing the Filipino’s bank account with some easy money.

VFX artist Kenson has made a realistic moving image of ‘Pac-Man’, which is already out on the auction. Besides, the winner of the bid will get two tickets for Pacquiao vs Ugas at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. That said, ‘Pac-Man isn’t the only boxer to have dropped his NFT.

In recent times, several elites like Floyd Mayweather, Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua, and many more have walked the same path. So, Manny Pacquiao has just joined the tide by collaborating with Kenson.

Dubbed ‘Pacman’, Manny Pacquiao’s iconic image-work, that restores his legacy, has been put on auction since August 14. The initial base price is just a dollar (0.0782 ERN). Besides, the moving image absolutely looks realistic and is the right memento for ‘Pac-Man’.

Here’s how to buy Manny Pacquiao NFT?

The bid is open to all, and you can visit the official website of Ethernity to glance at their collection. Manny Pacquiao‘s sample is available there. If you already have an account, the site will directly show the requirements of bidding for the image. Else, one needs to sign in and check out the collectible store.

Besides restoring Pacquiao’s legacy, Ethernity also has a vast collection of soccer star Lionel Messi’s NFT. They have a sole collection for the Argentine star, named ‘Messi Verse’. Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s entry into the tale can bring a similar verse of NFTs for boxing fans. The added factor behind the Filipino’s NFT popularity is his upcoming return against Ugas.

On bagging a win, he will be the WBA world champion again. That will add another chapter of history to Pacquiao’s career, possibly urging the NFT community to continue adoring the legend. This will reveal several hidden artists from all over the world and will also be beneficial for everyone associated to make money.

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