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Manny Pacquiao is expected to bin the belt taken from him if the Filipino Senator dethrones Yordenis Ugas on Saturday night, WBN understands.

Fighting for the highly controversial WBA “super” welterweight strap stripped from him earlier this year, Pacquiao is in a position to become the oldest champion at 147 for the second time in two years.

But once achieving the feat, WBN believes Pacquiao will not be making any defenses of the title.

Discussing the fight that came about due to an ailment suffered by Errol Spence, Pacquiao talked about facing Ugas for the belt before the Pay Per View.

He said: “I want to say that I’m praying for Errol to make a fast recovery from his injury. Health is always the priority and the most important thing.

“I did my best in training and preparation for this fight, so I wanted to make sure my hard work was not wasted.

“Ugás was ready to fight and challenge me on August 21. So it’s a great thing to show off my hard work in the gym when we face each other on fight night.

“I’m not disappointed at all in what happened because my hard work will not be wasted. Ugás stepped up and is bringing his WBA championship into the fight, which I’m excited to fight for.”

On the contrast in styles, Pacquiao added: “I always consider myself a bipartisan boxer.

“The only danger for this fight is the change in stance. Both Spence and Ugás are aggressive fighters, which I like. We can create a lot of great action in the ring that the fans will love.

“I am happy to fight either right-handed or southpaw fighters. It’s no problem for me at all to switch the styles that I’m going to face.

“I have a lot of people around me that motivate me to win this fight, especially for my family. I’m also very motivated to give the fans a great fight that they will enjoy in the arena or watch on pay-per-view.

Manny Pacquiao Yordenis Ugas

“I know that Ugás is also very prepared for his fight because he was going to be on the undercard. If there were no Ugás on the undercard, it’s possible we would have canceled the fight.

“It’s a good thing we had another welterweight champion on the card for this scenario that happened.

“I would tell the fans not to miss this fight. This is going to be a really good one. I’m sure that Ugás and I are going to give a fight full of action. I’m excited to see everyone in Las Vegas on August 21.”


On competing for another title, the eight-weight champion concluded: “What I can say to the fans is that this is definitely not an easy fight.

“Ugás is a champion because they gave him my belt. Now, we have to settle it inside of the ring. I cannot take him lightly because he’s the kind of fighter who will take advantage of that.

“In the end, I want to win the belts. I’m so excited for this championship fight, and I don’t care if I’m the challenger or champion coming into it. We’ll see who is the champion after August 21.”

Manny Pacquiao may become the champion on August 21st. However, for how long is the biggest question of all.

The World Boxing Association is under heavy fire lately for a string of wrongs that don’t seem able to put right.

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