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Mike Tyson is just over ten days away from a shock ring return at the age of 54. But will this seemingly fun exhibition go horribly wrong?

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ admitted himself that he wouldn’t be able to hold back when inside those ropes and pitted against Roy Jones Jr. on November 28.

Tyson vs. Jones is being promoted as a Pay Per View extravaganza featuring former world champions, sports stars, and YouTubers. Still, it will only take one wrong punch to become a disaster.

If either Tyson or Jones is hurt badly or even sickeningly knocked out, the case for these kinds of events could become null and void very quickly.

It’s not as if it’s just veterans getting together to have a harmless game of baseball in their 50’s. This is a serious business.

Getting punched in the head is not really an exhibition matter in the cold light of day. If you don’t show plenty of restraint, there’s simply no margin for error.

I mean, you don’t see American Football stars from the past arranging any games, do you? – And there’s a reason for that – concussion.

Taking hits is rough, and boxing is no different when you have heavyweights with bad intentions going at it.

I’m all for seeing one of my childhood idols proving he’s still got it, but the real fear comes from knowing what kind of animal Mike is. He certainly doesn’t mess about.

Now, I do believe he has chilled out considerably since his wayward days, although I do not expect he’ll be tippy tapping Jones like a tame sparring session when the first bell rings later this month.

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This is going to be full-on. That’s why fans a so looking forward to it. ‘Iron’ Mike is a wrecking ball and they want to see him wreck something.

Jones is a superb technician, and we all know this. But in his later career, he looked vulnerable to attacks which Tyson is fully expected to take advantage of.

If we go on what exhibitions we have seen of late, maybe we don’t have to worry so much? – Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Jorge Arce has been an entertaining and lighthearted charity series, though.

Tyson is a character who could switch at any moment when the red mist comes down.

Retiring in 2005, Mike’s body was ravaged by partying, and he whimpered away with losses to journeyman.

The New Yorker may have suffered mentally from the notion of those defeats, stoppages at that, and pride may have played a significant part in bringing him back now.

Part of me hopes that both men are so past it that they cannot even hurt each other and are too tired after thirty seconds to a minute even to land a telling blow.

Brains don’t take too kindly to damage later in life, and I have to admit that Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. may not be worth the money at their age.

I hope I’m wrong. But it will only take one injury.

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