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The Undertaker wishes released Superstar would someday return to WWE

The Undertaker has revealed during WrestleMania Axxess that he wishes former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt would someday return to the company.

Speaking out of character during WrestleMania Axxess, The Undertaker, real-life Mark Calloway, spoke highly about the third-generation wrestler. A video of him was recorded saying:

“Bray Wyatt, I hope things get worked out with him somewhere because he is a phenomenal talent. And, I think he has a lot to offer to this industry. Hopefully, at some point, he comes home.”

Bray Wyatt, real-life Windham Lawrence Rotunda, was one of WWE’s top stars in the company during his tenure. As a third-generation wrestler, Wyatt essentially grew up in the business, taking on from his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan and father Mike Rotunda, aka Irwin R. Schyster. His star power and popularity with the fans just made it very surprising when he was suddenly released in July 2021. He worked in the company for twelve years, first as Husky Harris as part of the stable The Nexus. His success came when he reinvented himself and took up the character Bray Wyatt. The so-called “Eater of Worlds” was a charismatic cult-like figure, who led the villainous stable The Wyatt Family. Towards the latter part of his career with WWE, Wyatt reinvented himself once again into a Mr. Rogers-esque children’s TV show character that has a horrific alter ego called The Fiend.

Obviously, getting praise like this from a legend like The Undertaker just puts yet another feather on the cap of Bray Wyatt. It’s a shame that he had to leave WWE since he’s clearly one of the most talented talents on the roster – both in in-ring abilities and in terms of creativity and charisma. Thankfully, Wyatt revealed on Instagram that he’s far from being over wrestling. Wherever Wyatt’s career goes next, we wish him a bright future and success wherever he takes his services. And for sure, once Bray Wyatt appears again on TV, it’s going to be a really big deal for the fans.

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