The Undertaker

Lay down the chokeslams with WWE 2K22 and the Undertaker Immortal Pack

There’s no doubt that WWE 2K22 is the finest wrestling game of recent times. But 2K and Visual Concepts still hope to continue to build it out. Previously available as a pre-order bonus, the first of the new DLC additions will give you the chance to drop in a few chokeslams with the Undertaker Immortal Pack.

Available to purchase, download and add into your base game of WWE 2K22, the Undertaker Immortal Pack adds in The Deadman himself, with a variety of different personas, cards and perks all included.

It’s priced at £7.99, which may initially feel a little hefty for a single pack covering a single character, but if you’re a fan of WWE, of wrestling, or of the Undertaker himself, it’s probably a bit of a no-brainer. Granted, you may have already gained access to this if you pre-ordered the base game or grabbed the Deluxe Edition, but it’s here and now, ready to roll as a standalone option.

You’ll find the pack on all the various stores in which WWE 2K22 is present, so the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, or as a full-on next-gen, Series X|S only option. It should also be kicking around on PlayStation and PC stores.

Drop the cash and jump the ropes and you’ll find that you are treated to three different Undertaker options. There’s the Phantom Mask Undertaker, the Lord of Darkness Undertaker, and Boneyard Match Undertaker for you to choose from. Which you take on is up to you.

Further to that are MyFACTION EVO cards for Undertaker, as well as additional MyFACTION Perks and Bonuses.

Let us know if you decide to drop in with Undertaker via the WWE 2K22 Undertaker Immortal Pack. The comments are below and you’ll find us on the usual socials. Just remember, in order to make the most of this pack you’ll need a copy of WWE 2K22 in your library. If you’re reading this, we’d guess you knew that already though, yeah!?

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