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Mike Tyson Says He Would Only Need ’30 Days’ of Training to Beat Jake Paul

There's still talk of the 55-year-old heavyweight champ taking on the YouTuber-turned-fighter in the ring.

It seems as if ever since Mike Tyson came out of retirement and got jacked again to take part in a series of charity boxing matches, there have been rumors circling of a fight between the former heavyweight champion and one of the influencer-turned-fighter brothers Jake and Logan Paul. Logan, for his part, has said he thinks he has what it takes to beat Tyson, while Tyson himself has previously said he’d be up for it.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, MMA fighter Israel Adesanyapraised Jake Paul in particular for helping to bring boxing to a whole new demographic, which in turn, Tyson pointed out, has been no small financial boon for the sport.

“When Jake Paul fights, he brings 75 million people to the box office,” said Tyson. “Not to the arena, to the box office.”

When asked by Adesanya if there were still any plans afoot to fight either of the Paul brothers, Tyson laughed. “I’d beat these fuckers,” he said. “I’m going straight at him.”

“I’m not gonna underestimate him either, I’m gonna be in shape,” Tyson continued. “That sort of thing, you’ve got to be in shape.” He went on to add that at 55 years old, he could still train intensely and get back into fighting shape in the span of a month, without having to even change his nutrition.

“30 days of boxing, I could fight anybody,” he said. “If I’m boxing every day in the gym, I don’t have to worry about my diet. I eat whatever I want.”

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