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The Undertaker Is One Win Away From 1700 Victories In WWE

One more match to make it a nice round number, perhaps?

There have been a few occasions over the course of the last few years, perhaps even the past decade, where it felt like The Undertaker had finally retired. His end of an era match against Triple H, the end of The Streak at WrestleMania 30, or his second WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns. So many false finishes, it started to feel as if The Deadman might never retire.

One Win Away From 1700

Then came his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles. Everything that has happened since suggests this time, The Undertakers career really has been laid to rest. He said farewell at Survivor Series, was inducted into the Hall Of Fame, and there’s even talk of him getting his own podcast. He did close his HoF speech with “never say never”, a mantra that might come back to haunt The Deadman should he ever get wind of the stat below.

According to Wrestle Ops, that Boneyard Match was The Undertaker’s 1699th win in WWE. An incredible number, and one that presumably includes absolutely every match he ever won while under Vince McMahon’s employ, live events and all. The problem is, it’s just one match away from being a much rounder 1700. If The Phenom is the kind of person who is bothered by that sort of thing, maybe he’ll return and pick up one more victory.

The Undertaker currently holds the record for the second most wins in @WWE history.— Wrestle Ops (@WrestleOps) April 13, 2022

Second To John Cena

What’s even more staggering is 1699 wins isn’t the most in WWE history. Despite his career being far shorter, and still active, at this moment in time, John Cena is currently the leader with an amazing 1756 wins. A number The Undertaker will never reach, no matter how many times he returns. According to Total Sportal, no one else even comes close to the pair. Kane is third on 1486 wins, and the highest ranking active star after Cena is Randy Orton with 1205.

Whether The Undertaker is bothered by being one win away from 1700 or not, it’s hard not to sit back and admire a number like that. Yet another record for The Deadman to toss on the pile. His Boneyard Match was such a perfect way to say goodbye after a few disappointing matches. AJ Styles admitted he has already tried to get him back in the ring again, but Undertaker ignored his calls.

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