Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson warns that money has affected Conor McGregor’s boxing career

When Mike Tyson raises his voice to make a statement, he still makes current contact sports celebrities rumble.

Considered an authority on boxing after having been the king of the heavyweight division in the 1990s, Tyson’s opinion is highly respected even by those who were his rivals in the ring.


During an appearance on the HotBoxin podcast, “Iron Mike” noted that the big purses Connor McGregor has earned could be the main obstacle he will face going forward, should he seek to extend his legacy in Mixed Martial Arts.

“It’s hard to be prepared with that lifestyle. When you have a $40 million fight and the next week you have that money, and they tell you that you have to fight in six weeks it makes it harder to get out of bed,” he said.

McGregor has been trying to recover for almost a year after suffering a terrible leg injury during UFC 264, an event in which he faced Dustin Poirier, who defeated him in the first round of what was the third duel between the two fighters.

Waiting for a good offer

So far it is known that the Irishman has already started training for what could mean his comeback in the octagon, but the details that could make the difference on when he will fight again are the amount of guaranteed money he could be offered and the physical condition he is in.MORE in MARCA

On the financial aspect, The Notorius is considered one of the richest sportsmen in Ireland, because in addition to the money earned in his fights, he also invested in a whiskey brand that was sold to a transnational company and allowed him to increase his fortune.

In addition, he recently announced that he would start the construction of a 100 million euro housing complex.

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