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Elias Once Had To Seek Permission From The Undertaker So He Could Wear A Hat

Elias Once Had To Seek Permission From The Undertaker So He Could Wear A Hat

Elias has revealed he needed permission to wear a cowboy hat from The Undertaker for a certain bit with The Deadman.

Taker appears to have closed the book on his WWE career following his Final Farewell at Survivor Series last month. But who knows? This is WWE; hardly anyone’s ever gone forever. As for Elias, the current star hasn’t shared a televised match with the WWE legend but they have had their moments in the ring.

The pair worked a WrestleMania 34 segment with John Cena, as well as on Raw the night after WrestleMania 35.

Elias wanted to wear a hat for a segment with Taker at during a house show at Madison Square Garden but needed to get the go-ahead from the man himself.

“Getting to work with him, he was one of, if not my favorite wrestler growing up. I remember having a match with him at Madison Square Garden,” he said on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast. “It was the main event. It was actually a big tag team match. I opened it up with one of my songs. I was wearing a hat, which I had to get approval from The Deadman because it was like a cowboy hat.

“I played a song on guitar. I remember a lot of the ideas that I wanted to do. I can remember seeing interviews my whole life when you hear his music, you get chills. I remember thinking I’m not in the main event at Madison Square Garden. That’s not going to get me. Sure enough, when his music went off and Madison Square Garden went crazy and you hear that gong, I got goosebumps then. Then when he came out, it was like the next level. Then when I actually saw him, I can actually feel that moment now.”

New Beginnings

Elias was partnered up with the controversial Jaxson Ryker on Monday night’s episode of Raw. The former Forgotten Sons member wasn’t present when his former teammates returned to television earlier this month but has landed a new gig as Elias’ bodyguard.

It’s been suggested that Ryker could be part of the next group cut from WWE but, of course, it’s all conjecture for now.

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