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The Undertaker Discusses The First Time He Acknowledged The Streak

The Undertaker discusses the first time he realized his streak was being built and his acknowledgment of it on screen.

The Undertaker competed at WrestleMania 22 times before he lost at the event, but when did he and WWE realize they were onto something special?

The Undertaker’s streak will forever go down as one of the greatest achievements in wrestling history. What’s more, the night it ended will forever be one of the most memorable moments for anyone watching. After 21 wins at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, handing The Deadman his first-ever loss on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Vince McMahon clearly had big plans for The Undertaker from day one. The Phenom debuted at Survivor Series and would become WWE Champion for the first time a year later, beating Hulk Hogan. He even beat Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania VII, his first with the company that happened just four months after he arrived.

However, even someone with the wrestling mind of McMahon couldn’t have had the forward-thinking to have known about The Streak back then. In fact, The Undertaker revealed on WWE Network’s Broken Skull Sessions that it wasn’t until 2002 that someone mentioned it to him. That year, Undertaker defeated Ric Flair to make it 10-0 at WrestleMania. He even acknowledged his ten wins by counting his fingers after he left the ring on his way back to the locker room.

Taker explained on Broken Skull Sessions that it was at WrestleMania X-8 that people backstage first started to acknowledge his streak. When they first started to realize that they might have inadvertently created something very special. From there on in, it became a staple of every single WrestleMania right up to Lesnar breaking The Streak and beyond.

Even though The Streak didn’t officially become a thing until 2002, Jim Ross might have been the first to make reference to it on-screen. The year before at WrestleMania X-Seven, after The Deadman beat Triple H, JR made reference to the fact that The Undertaker was yet to be beaten at WrestleMania. There was no mention of him being on a streak, though. It’s also something that will almost definitely never be replicated. King Corbin is currently undefeated at WrestleMania, but he needs 19 more wins just to equal Taker’s record.

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