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The Undertaker was left ‘disgusted’ by WWE WrestleMania match

In the main event of WWE’s biggest show of the year back in April 2017, The Undertaker went one-on-one with Roman Reigns.

The match was won by Reigns, who became only the second person to beat ‘Taker at WrestleMania, after Brock Lesnar did it three years earlier.

After the match, ‘The Deadman’ left his gear in the ring, leading many to believe that they’d just seen the legend wrestle his final match.

However, that didn’t happen, as ‘Taker would go on to wrestle nine more times before retiring after WrestleMania 36 in April 2020.

It’s probably a good job that his showdown with Reigns wasn’t his final match, as Undertaker really wasn’t happy with his performance.

Speaking to ESPN back in 2020, Undertaker noted that he was left “disgusted” with the match, so much so that he didn’t even want to watch it back:

“That was one of those times it was tough having the cameras there. That was the first time that I watched that match back. I was so disgusted with it that I didn’t want to watch it back. 

The multi-time WWE Champion didn’t just feel bad for himself, but as he explained to ESPN, he also was “so disappointed” for Reigns.

[Watching that match], I’m battling with it. I was so disappointed for Roman.

Over WrestleMania 38 weekend earlier this month, The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

During his speech, despite retiring back in November 2020, ‘Taker teased that he may be stepping into the ring again, so keep an eye out for that one.

As of right now though, it’s worth stating, that there have been no indications that WWE has contacted the 57-year-old about making a return to the ring.

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