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Triple H Hints At The Undertaker Working In NXT Full Time

Triple H has revealed that he and The Undertaker have discussed the potential of The Deadman becoming a full-time trainer in NXT.

Triple H has hinted that The Undertaker might become a full-time trainer in NXT starting at some point in 2021.

There are multiple times when it has felt as if The Undertaker has been done competing in the ring. However, many fans will have rolled their eyes and patiently waited for Vince McMahon to drag him back come WrestleMania season. However, this time it feels as if The Deadman really is done. His Boneyard Match with AJ Styles will likely be The Phenom’s last foray into the ring, and it wasn’t even in a ring.

Undertaker has been taking interviews left and right, selling appearances on Cameo, and basically doing everything he has missed out on doing for the past three decades. He also had a final farewell at this year’s Survivor Series, a show that fell on the 30th anniversary of his first-ever appearance as the persona that would make him famous.

So what’s next? Well, we’re not ruling out McMahon twisting Taker’s arm and getting him to compete at WrestleMania one more time. Or the prospect of a one-off payday convincing The Undertaker to make one more trip to Saudi Arabia. However, if things are left to play out as they should, it seems that The Deadman may soon be a trainer in NXT.

Taker has already been visiting the Performance Center and speaking with WWE’s recruits. However, Triple H revealed earlier this week that he has recently spoken to his long-time friend and old-time rival about working at the PC full time. “We’ve talked a lot about it, about being here and being involved with the future, and getting more into that,” The Game revealed.

Triple H did add that the conversation won’t be happening until 2021, and Undertaker deserves to take a breath after officially bringing the curtain down on his 30-year career. The experience and wisdom he can impart on the next generation of WWE Superstars will be invaluable, whether he works with them full-time or sparingly when he happens to be free. Few know more about the business than The Undertaker.

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