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The Go Fund Me page for heavyweight Danny Williams, the Briton who knocked out Mike Tyson in 2004, has struggled to garner any real traction.

Williams fought on September 9th, losing for the 29th time in his career at 47 years old. The defeat prompted a fan to launch a charity campaign to stop Williams from accepting any other offers to compete.

At least four times in the recent past, Williams has retired, only to make a comeback as soon as the next offer came his way.

Speaking to WBN previously, Williams has said he would never fight again and that ‘he’d had enough.’ Sadly, this wasn’t enough to keep him out of the ring.

The potential support arranged for ‘The Brixton Bomber’ wanted to raise £100,000 (around $130,000) for Williams’ financial security over the next few years.

In just under two weeks, a paltry total of £1085 ($1388) remains in the coffers for Williams. Even United States promoter Lou DiBella pledged £250 to the fund.

Will it be enough to keep Williams from taking the next paycheck that lands his way? He finds it hard to say no when a concrete European offer hits the table.

It remains the case despite confirming his retirement once again earlier this month.

Fellow-UK boxers have offered help to Williams for him to stick to his word. The likes of Dave Allen and Anthony Fowler have commented on the dire situation.

“Surely other people in boxing are seeing what’s happening to this man, others with more power and wealth than me,” said Allen. “He shouldn’t be near a ring.

“He needs saving sooner than later. I’m willing to do whatever it takes after seeing his last fight upset me.

“I hope this message doesn’t fall on deaf ears someone helps me help him it’s so sad,” he added.

Fowler responded to Allen’s request by saying: “Lad, I said the same. It’s so sad to see this. He’s’s going to end up in a bad way if he carries on.”


It’s all a far cry from putting Mike Tyson on the canvas.

But beating the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ may have been a curse for Williams. It’s now the primary reason the offers keep on coming.

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