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Having been put forward by his current trainer Rafael Cordero, Mike Tyson has addressed the prospect of fighting for the world heavyweight title at 54 years old.

Training for a comeback after fifteen years out of action, Tyson faces Roy Jones Jr. on November 28.

The Pay Per View encounter has spiked interest in Tyson, not only for the agreement but for several social media videos of the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet.’

Quick thirty-second bursts of ferocious punching have tongues wagging about Tyson’s return.

Enthusiasm is one thing, but Cordero had the bonkers notion that the veteran could eventually challenge world rulers, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.

Looking good in a shot clip is one thing, although Tyson didn’t look good when he approached the end of his career at 38.

It’s not apparent how the passing of time could amount to Tyson being able to face Fury or Joshua when he couldn’t defeat Danny Williams or Kevin McBride back then.

None-the-less, Tyson replied when asked recently by TMZ if he’d fancy trading blows with today’s title-holders.

“Well, I don’t know anything about that. But I know (Rafael is) an extra special trainer,” Tyson told TMZ. “I can see him being that enthusiastic because of the work we put in.

“If it’s for charity, I am open to doing that. It’s entertainment. And it’s for charity. It’s for a good cause. But we are giving our best.”

Pushed to answer on what he’d do if he got the call about getting in with Joshua for charity, he replied: “I would love to do that that would be mind-blowing.”

Not as enthusiastic as Cordero by any stretch of the imagination, for Mike.

Tyson’s mind frame was clearly on the charity aspect. Plus, the notion that he will be able to vote for the first time in the November 3rd election.

“Besides the charity benefit of this exhibition (with Roy Jones), we are also fighting for the right of voting for the first time,” Tyson pointed out.

“For myself, I am also trying to register to get all the restitution in the country paid.

“Most of the fellas have no idea that they can vote. They still have this great restitution to pay. So it’s almost impossible to get the felon away (to vote), so that’s what I am fighting for as well.

“I always thought that I was unable to vote because I was a felon. Thank god Nevada changed this law so I am able to vote.”

On helping others with his PPV money for November 28, Mike Tyson concluded: “I am going to donate money absolutely one hundred percent.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for something bigger than myself.”

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