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Boxing superstars Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao locked horns in 2015. The mega-fight was one of the most eagerly-anticipated of all time.

WBN looks back at how the welterweight Pay-Per-View blockbuster in Las Vegas eventually made it over the line.

The primary stunning stumbling block was the anti-doping tests demanded by Floyd of Manny. Initially, Manny refused to undergo the testing under Floyd’s terms.

With time, that issue was resolved. The next sticking point boiled down to economics. So still no meeting of minds!

Floyd then claimed Manny had squandered the right to fight… him!

Rivals came and rivals went, during these long accumulating years, while a stab at several negotiations blunted and dulled. Until….the last bout of the WBC welterweight and super welterweight Champion, against Argentinian Marcos Maidana, where the window for a possible MEGA-FIGHT appeared to be ajar again.

Statements were released- some palpably more optimistic than others. But still, nothing clear, cut and dried.

The final thaw and warming happened when “Money” and “Pacman” somehow bumped into each other at an NBA game. As the Miami Heat faced Milwaukee Bucks, MayPac began generating high levels of expectancy.

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

During that cordial, fateful, and fruitful encounter, both fighters traded numbers and handshakes. Hope flickering eternal, re-kindled, and suddenly ignited. Red golden hot!

Then there was Manny’s statement: “ As I have said before, fans deserve this fight. I wanted it a long time ago. But the other camp keeps refusing to make it happen.”

A frenzy occurred on the social networks, and the brand “Foot Locker”, took exquisite advantage of the situation by releasing a campaign, including both boxers chatting.

Manny suddenly lost the primary focus, hearing what their partners are talking about. A comment that Manny interprets as the fight against Floyd!

In response, and perhaps with tongue in cheek, came a hopeful retaliation. Floyd then uploads a video mocking Manny’s KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

The hashtag #fightpacquiao was created increasing yet further the pressure for this fight.

That’s how we reached February 20th of 2015, when it was finally presented.


Floyd Mayweather published on app ‘Shots’ the announcement of the fight against Manny Pacquiao for May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

It included a picture of the contract already signed by both fighters.

Manny Pacquiao announced: “I am really happy that Floyd Mayweather and I will finally have the fight the people want to see.”

The fight went down on May 2. And as they say, the rest is confined to history.

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