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‘Let’s do it – God wouldn’t that be cool!’: Mike Tyson, 55, says he is ready to accept a bout with YouTuber Jake Paul, 25, and predicts the fight could make a staggering £62m in earnings

  • Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have mooted a bout between them for a long while 
  • Tyson most recently fought Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout in Los Angeles
  • Paul is unbeaten so far in his boxing career – winning four of fights by knockout

Legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson has opened up the possibility of him and YouTuber Jake Paul stepping into the ring together sometime in the not too distant future.

Tyson, who most recently fought Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout, said the proposition is ‘cool’ and urged Paul to agree to the terms of the fight.Paul, who recently defended Tyson after footage emerged showing the former undisputed heavyweight champion beating up a fellow passenger on a plane, is so-far unbeaten in his career, winning four of his five bouts by knockout. 

Mike Tyson said he was open to the idea of fighting his 'friend' Paul in a record-breaking bout

Speaking on his own podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he said: ‘Hell yeah [I’d do it], only to break the record.’

‘Jake Paul believe it not is more profitable than the champs, this guy probably brings about 80million people to the table,’ he added.

‘Let’s do it Jakey, God wouldn’t that be cool.’

Tyson and Paul appear to have a bit of a relationship, with the former YouTube prankster being on the record in the past saying he would love to fight the boxing legend. 

Jake Paul has won all five of his bouts so far - including four of them by knockout

However, the former heavyweight champion said he fears Paul could be in prison by the time a bout would be set up owing to his errant antics.   

‘I would worry about him getting in trouble before the fight happened,’ he said.

‘I’d tell him, “Hey man, you’re going to go for jail for real, chill out”. This dude’s crazy, he would be throwing stuff at people, bottles and stuff.’

Tyson’s words would suggest something has progressed in their talks to try and make the fight happen. Only last month, he suggested he had not heard of any discussions to try and get the bout on. 

Mike Tyson has previously said the attraction of Jake Paul makes the proposition appealing

Nobody told me that,’ Tyson said. 

He added: ‘Hey, I ain’t got no f****** money. So where’s the f****** contract?

‘I ain’t know nothing about it. Listen, I’ve been smoking with him forever, I did some shrooms with him as well. But I’ve never heard this.

‘I was with him in St Barts not too long ago partying and he never told me this.

‘I’ve never heard this from nobody, I’ve just heard this from you guys.

‘We got to get some more man s***, blue-eyed, blonde hair, that s*** is very expensive, we need to get some more money, man.’

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