Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson showed he wasn’t against fan pictures immediately after plane episode

Former heavyweight champion reportedly launched a powerful assault on an irritating fan

Mike Tyson has been roundly criticised for how he reacted to a fan on an aeroplane recently, with the former heavyweight champion reportedly launching a powerful assault on an individual, with some video evidence being captured.

However, the former boxer was quick to show he isn’t against fan interaction as a whole, suggesting that his issue with the individual on the plane was more nuanced than the video footage suggested.

In the immediate aftermath of the fiasco, Tyson stood and posed with a separate fan for a picture, showing that he isn’t at all against allowing some fans to enjoy their brief moment meeting one of their heroes.

The picture, obtained by TMZ, was made public in the immediate aftermath of the issue on the plane, with Tyson keen to portray a fan-friendly image.

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