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Rare Photo Shaquille of O’ Neal Towering Over The Undertaker Shows the True Size of the NBA Legend

Mark Calaway preserved the mystery of The Undertaker for over three decades. The fans always were curious to know the man behind the character. He made the character so relevant that fans still find an element of mystery when Calaway dons the black leather coat and the hat.

Although, back in the day, when Calaway was preserving the kayfabe of The Phenom, he was spotted in public outside WWE occasionally. He dressed up as The Undertaker would, but went and hung out with his friends like himself.

Recently, a Twitter page named Pro Wrestling Stories shared an old picture of The Undertaker with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and the famous boxer Butterbean. All of them were at a boxing match in Las Vegas.

The tweet said, “Shaquille O’Neal, Butterbean, and The Undertaker at “The Fight of the Millennium” (Félix Trinidad vs. Oscar De La Hoya) in Las Vegas in 1999. (Is that Dr. Dre back there too? 🤔)

t is a rare picture of The Undertaker from the 90s. Notably, this was around the time when The Phenom thought of debuting an alteration of his character, which later was known as The American Badass version of The Undertaker.

In the picture, the NBA legend Shaquille O’ Neal looks much taller than The Deadman. The Undertaker is around 6.10ft in height while O’Neal is around 7.1ft. This reflects how tall Shaq O’Neal in reality is, that he is towering over The Deadman.

Years later now, having retired from the sport, The Undertaker often appears at various signings, interviews, podcasts, etc. Hence, fans around the world get to hear the unheard stories of The Phenom, even after all this time.

The Undertaker will soon have his own show

A few days ago, it was reported that The Undertaker will soon be getting his own podcast. As WWE and Peacock have reportedly convinced The Undertaker to hop on the bandwagon, we will soon be able to see a new side of The Phenom.

The podcast is said to be similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. Despite that familiarity, a different element will be added by the company in the show given the man behind the mic.

Although, it is not clear when exactly the show will begin or what its title will be. But rest assured, the fans will get to hear some unknown and unheard stories from The Deadman and his guests.

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