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Drew McIntyre Moves Ahead Of The Undertaker For Combined Days As The WWE Champion

McIntyre is now 22nd all time for combined days as the WWE Champion.

Drew McIntyre is only 35 years of age, and The Undertaker only retired in November following an illustrious 30-year career in the WWE.

And yet, it took McIntyre just nine months to surpass The Phenom on a very special and historic list.

As noted by Andrew Ravens of, McIntyre is now at 235 days (and counting) as the WWE Champion. That places him 22nd on the all-time leaderboard, and ahead of The Undertaker, who held the title for 234 days over four different reigns.

McIntyre isn’t far away off from climbing into the top 20, either. JBL and Yokozuna are tied for 20th at 279 days, and Ultimate Warrior holds the 19th spot at 292 days.

Bruno Sammartino remains the all-time leader at 4,040 days over two title reigns. The next closest on that list is Hulk Hogan (2,185 days), so it’s safe to say that Sammartino’s record will never be broken.

McIntyre also recently surpassed Daniel Bryan (25th all time at 207 days) and Seth Rollins (219 days). For what it’s worth, he’s still a while away from reaching the top 10. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin holds the No. 10 spot with 524 combined days.

McIntyre’s first WWE title reign began after he defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. He kept it for 202 days before losing it to Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell, only to win it three weeks later on Raw. McIntyre will defend it against AJ Styles on tomorrow’s TLC pay-per-view.

Given The Undertaker’s lengthy career and status as a perennial main event star, it’s somewhat hard to believe he only had four WWE Championship reigns. But that speaks great volume of how unique his character was. He simply didn’t need title success to put on a show.

McIntyre Will Keep Climbing The List

McIntyre has established himself as a worthy and deserving WWE Champion. He’s more than over with the fans now, and it’s safe to say several more long-term title reigns are in his future. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he found himself inside the top 10 at some point within the next three years.

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