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WWE Offers Undertaker WWE PC Prize Package Experience In Middle Of Pandemic

While it's not an impossible contest to pull off, it's odd timing to offer a prize package allowing fans to tour the WWE PC with the Undertaker.

Is it just us, or is this an awfully strange time to be offering a prize package that travel to Florida and tour the WWE Performance Center with The Undertaker? Granted, it’s a cool prize and one that we’d love to win under other circumstances, but the world is still in the middle of a pandemic.

No, it’s not an impossible contest to pull off. There can be tests and travel is allowed (to some degree), but it’s strange timing that WWE is offering and promotion a prize package that would see the winner hop on a plane, meet up with The Undertaker and do a number of cool things in person.

Omaze and WWE have teamed up for a worthy cause. As part of their Make a Wish campaign, they write, “The Undertaker is inviting you and a friend to join him at the WWE Performance Center for an unforgettable experience.” The description of the prize reads as follows:

You’ll tour the training center for the wrestling stars of tomorrow with the wrestling legend. Take some truly epic photos. And even step into the ring with The Undertaker—don’t worry, not for a Tombstone Piledriver—but to create your own custom ring entrance! Flights, hotel and autographed WWE title belt included. allowing fans to tour the WWE PC with the Undertaker.

Perhaps WWE figures the contest close date of February 24, 2021 and the announcement date of March 10, 2021 will give everyone enough time to sort themselves out and that perhaps the pandemic will have slowed to the point travel and social distancing isn’t as huge a concern. It’s an odd assumption to make.

At the same time, fans have been quick to jump on this, asking if it costs a couple thousand dollars for fans. After all, WWE sold 2 minutes with The Undertaker on Cameo for a whopping $1000 a shot.

It Seems Like Maybe WWE Didn’t Think This Through

It’s one thing to have a way overpriced digital experience and sell it out. WWE proved they can charge a ridiculous amount of money for extremely weird Cameos. It’s another thing to offer up a prize package where almost everything they suggest the general public not do is something you have to do to claim your prize.

Then again… there are probably enough fans out there that would be willing to do whatever it took to spend a few minutes with The Phenom.

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