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Tyson Fury takes dig at Anthony Joshua during Dillian Whyte face-off

Fury has branded Joshua "Mr Golden B*******" after he lost his heavyweight titles against "middleweight" Oleksandr Usyk last year, as he prepares to defend his titles against Whyte this weekend

Tyson Fury wasted no time in hitting out at rival Anthony Joshua as he promoted his fight with Dillian Whyte.

The ‘Gypsy King’ came face-to-face with challenger Whyte for the first time ahead of their upcoming heavyweight title clash at Wembley on Saturday. The winner of this fight is expected to be in pole position to face the winner of Joshua’s rematch with Usyk later this year, providing Fury does not hang up his gloves.

And Fury took the chance to aim a dig at Joshua, accusing him of dropping out of the heavyweight title picture. “Now I am fighting my old pal Dillian Whyte back home in England for all the glory and all the belts,” Fury said. “Who would have fought it? Even me and Dillian probably wouldn’t have thought it in front of 94,000 people at Wembley.

“You have got Mr Golden B******* who has been stopped by a middleweight and that’s it, where is he now? We are here and we are representing and we are going to put on an awesome show. It has been a great journey and we are looking forward to an awesome memorable night.”

Joshua is expected to face Usyk for the second time later this year in a bid to regain his unified titles and set up an undisputed clash. Fury has even offered Joshua the chance to be in his corner for the meeting against Whyte due to ‘AJ’s’ previous bad blood with the challenger and would welcome his as a special guest. The pair were set to meet for the undisputed titles last year but the ‘Gypsy King’ was forced by court arbitration to take a trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder which he won by stoppage.

Tyson Fury is uninterested in facing Anthony Joshua after Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury is uninterested in facing Anthony Joshua after Dillian Whyte ( Image: Top Rank via Getty Images)

Talks could be reignited for a bout later this year if the pair can negotiate their separate heavyweight tests. However Fury has insisted he is uninterested in facing Joshua after the British star lost his titles. “I couldn’t give one flying hoot or sniff about that body builder, no interest,” he said.

“When he was an unbeaten man, not a problem, when he was a champion, not a bother, but now he has nothing to offer. What did he say years ago? I only want to fight the people who have the belts. All of a sudden, he doesn’t have any belts.

“It was the most sought after fight when he was an unbeaten champion, or even when he had one loss, but when you’re getting beat by blown up middleweights it isn’t a spicy fight anymore. Do a poll to see how many people think he could beat me, none.”

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