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Like many, hearing heavyweight legends Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson were set to fight against this September brought initial excitement before one burning question. Why?

Lewis dominated and stopped Tyson in the first fight. But nineteen years later, the passage of time will make a massive difference if the pair shared the ring again.

Tyson is another animal these days. Different from a crazed fighter during the mid-to-late 1990s and much more than his 2000 plus burnt-out version of Mike Tyson.

He’s ditched the hard drugs and party lifestyle in favor of cannabis – keeping himself in top shape at 54 years old – into the bargain.

Add to that the fact “The Baddest Man on the Planet” has a comeback bout under his belt, and a lot would depend on where Lewis is at, fitness-wise.

Kicking back and enjoying a laid-back lifestyle dividing his time between Jamaica, the United States, and the odd trip to the UK, the last thing on Lewis’ mind was fighting.

But the wise competitor he is, Lewis would have been fully aware that Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., and old foe Evander Holyfield were all back in training with offers on the table.

It would simply be a matter of time before a colossal check came his way. After all, Lewis is the last undisputed top division ruler ever.

Mentioning the fact he’d be interested if the price was right on many occasions since retirement, “The Pugilist Specialist” probably didn’t think that enticement would come in his mid-fifties.

Lennox Lewis Mike Tyson

Like Tyson, Lewis is in good shape for 55. He would have no problems getting into even better condition for a match-up in September.

That’s the date Tyson himself stated the fight was on in an off-the-cuff interview with TMZ recently. Although uncorroborated by Lewis, WBN has it on good authority that the three-time heavyweight king hasn’t ruled it out.


Any agreement would go down on Tyson’s “Legends Only League” platform. A new venture Tyson is currently securing broadcasting and format arrangements for moving forward.

Having Lewis sign on the dotted line for the first big event would be a significant coup for the New Yorker. It comes after talks with Evander Holyfield broke down.

It seemed at one point that Holyfield vs. Tyson III was done and dusted. That was until Tyson moved on from Triller and left Holyfield behind.

Who knows, maybe Lewis was Mike Tyson’s first choice anyway?

There’s plenty of time to finalize any sticking points with four months to go until any forthcoming event. Any confirmation won’t be due until June or even July.

Seeing these two massive legendary boxing names share a ring again will be nostalgic in itself, but when you add in the hostile build-up from the first bout, the goosebumps get that little more prickly.

There’ll be no biting legs or eating children this time around.

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