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Boxing legend Mike Tyson had every right to react on a flight after getting harassed by the 36-year-old man.

The full video of the incident shows an annoying fan goading the champ during a flight, leading to a heated reaction.

During the video purchased by TMZ and circulated worldwide, Tyson is sitting in front of the man. The guy then gestures behind Tyson’s seat as a fellow passenger rolls their camera phone.

Moments later, and after the annoyance escalated, a different video angle further down the plane shows Tyson standing over him, smashing his face.

A comical moment subsequently ensued where the original camera displayed the man looking sorry for himself with blood pouring from his head.

The incident blew up in a viral capacity, making the harasser famous for his trouble and showing that you will get a good hiding if you poke a former heavyweight champion to that extent,

Tyson was trying to enjoy a flight and going about his business. He should not have had to deal with what transpired.

It’s a lesson to anyone who thinks a reaction won’t be forthcoming in this day and age.

The incident is also a prime example of Mike Tyson’s quote regarding the new breed of millennials who grew up without awareness.

“Social Media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it,” stated Tyson.

His words came in response to trolling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the scene exploded.

Mike Tyson punches fan


Mike Tyson is only a human being. If anyone took that amount of badgering on a flight, they would be hard-pressed not to react.

Maybe not to that extent and not to condone violence, but he’s a professional fighter and giving someone a beating what he does.

Mike Tyson is a fine-tuned punching machine. It’s not like he hasn’t fought for fifteen years these days. He was only in the ring in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr.

Therefore, that killer instinct remains. Everyone should respect it. That’s a warning to anyone who shares a flight with Tyson in the coming months.

He’s a bad man.

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