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10 Best Quotes From The Undertaker, Ranked

"The Demon of Death Valley" The Undertaker is a man of few words. But when he does speak, it's usually important & worthy to quote!

The Undertaker is one of the most respected superstars both by fans and by the members of the WWE locker room. With a legendary career spanning over three decades, the iconic Deadman has done it all and has seemingly hung up his boots.

He has inspired the lives of both his fellow WWE superstars and his fans all over the globe. He let both his actions and words speak louder, and he has given countless words of motivation both in his on-screen character and in real-life. With that said, let’s take a look at ten of the Undertaker’s best words of wisdom.

10 Never Think Twice After You Find The Right Person

People will have some set of values they cling on to when it comes to finding their significant other. But if sticking to the same values means that it would cost the right person to drift away from their lives, it’s time they tossed it down the dumpster.

The Undertaker mentioned that he always told his peers, not to date people they work with. But the Deadman did the exact opposite when he married fellow WWE Superstar Michelle McCool.

He quoted, “I always told guys, you don’t date people you work with, it’s not going to work. I said it for years, and then I broke my own motto.”

The Funnier Side Of The Deadman

The Undertaker stuck to the mystique behind the character when he portrayed the Deadman character. But he unleashed the real man behind The Undertaker when he gave birth to the American Badass gimmick.

It seemed like Mark Calaway had fought his way out of the Undertaker persona and letting the fans know who he is like in real life. It gave the Deadman the freedom to incorporate a little humor into his character, and he would always roast his opponents with hilarious comebacks.

The following quote is one of his comedic best. “I’m gonna kick your teeth so far down your throat you’ll be able to chew your own a** out for pissin’ me off.”

Never Procrastinate

Every single person around the world would like to do something meaningful with their lives and have some ideas to make their lives better. But the only thing keeping them away from realizing their dreams is procrastination. It can be out of fear or self-doubt. Either way, it can completely overthrow a person’s momentum.

While following The Undertaker’s career throughout the years, fans would understand the Deadman means business when he decides to deal with his adversaries. He quoted, “Why put off kicking somebody’s *ss next week when I can do it right now.”

In the same way, when you have a great idea that you think will change your life forever, just do it without any second thoughts.

The Greatest Fear Of All

The Undertaker instills fear in his opponents right from the moment he makes his iconic entrance to the ring. Hence it makes him the right person to talk about the greatest fear of them all.

“The fear of death is far greater than death itself. But the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all!” The future and death are the common fears of most people around the world, and the Undertaker points out the significance of both, and it’s up to them to set it aside and live in the moment and take one step at a time to realize their dreams.

I Will Never Rest In Peace

The most common catchphrase The Undertaker uses as a warning to his opponents is, “You will Rest in Peace.” The Deadman has inflicted severe damage on the mental posture of his adversaries when he utters these lines as it completely takes them out of their base.

The sight of The Undertaker standing right in front of them and giving them an ultimatum would send chills down anyone’s spine. But not even one person has been able to reverse that effect on to the Undertaker himself.

Even when Kane made his debut, The Deadman only had a confused look on his face and not fear. The Undertaker’s answer to anyone that looked to take him down throughout his career was “I will never Rest in Peace.”

Get Out The Emotions From The Crowd

Wrestling fans these days tend to consider that kayfabe has been dead for very long. Even wrestlers themselves are finding it hard to portray their characters to get the desired emotions from the audience.

The Undertaker has been the master of the craft since he made his debut and never failed to get the emotions out of the crowd whenever he made an appearance.

He pointed out the significance of pulling out the emotions from the fans when he said, “You either have to make people love you, or you have to make them hate you, it doesn’t really matter either way. If you can’t bring that emotion out of your audience, then you’re not going to have them for long.”

Be The Master Of Your Own Life


The Undertaker puts in eloquently when he said, “Regardless of anything, I’m gonna write my own story and my own ending.” The Deadman didn’t stop with just uttering the words but lived as the perfect example and showed how a person could succeed by taking life into their own hands.


The way a person thinks and the words that come out of his mouth are two of the most vital factors determining the progress of the individual. Like attracts like, and a person manifests his every thought into his life. This process is called the law of attraction.

The Undertaker must know about this process, and the following quote proves it. “Just taking a piece of dirt and envisioning the building you’d like to put on it – it’s an amazing process.” He urges his fans to envision what they want in their lives in a positive way to attract them into their lives.

Follow Your Passion

The Undertaker has been an active in-ring performer for over three decades. Despite some career-threatening injuries and undergoing various surgeries, the Deadman always bounced back and found his way back into the ring.

Some fans would go on to say that he’s doing it for the money, and The Undertaker himself answered the allegation. He said, “As long as I can compete with the 20-somethings out there… I have a burning passion to do what I do. Financially, I don’t need to wrestle anymore. I do it because I enjoy it.”

He inspires his fans with his dedication and love for the business and would like them to follow their passion and be successful in their lives.

You Only Lose When You Stop Trying

“There is no shame in going out fighting and getting your a** kicked, but there is no honor in not fighting at all.” The quote is not only for the pro-wrestlers but is also for every common person across the globe.

People these days are prone to get tired after a single failure, but The Undertaker implies that real failure only comes when one stops trying. He urges his fans to pursue their dreams no matter how hard they fall along the way. All that it matters is they get up, shake off the dust, and keep on running until they reach their destination.

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