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Did Bray Wyatt Subtly Target The Undertaker On Raw This Week?

Bray Wyatt appeared to have a reference to The Undertaker's WWE debut tucked into his top hat on Raw this week.

Bray Wyatt had a seemingly random date on a piece of paper tucked into his hat during this week’s Firefly Funhouse, but as we know with Wyatt, nothing is really random.

Since creating The Fiend, Bray Wyatt has been in the business of punishing those who have wronged him in the past. John Cena, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, all people who crossed paths with Wyatt before he created The Fiend, and all of them have been made to pay since his alter ego debuted back in 2019.

It would appear that the next Superstar on The Fiend’s hitlist is Randy Orton. Orton and Wyatt have quite the past. The pair have clashed at WrestleMania, and The Viper burned Wyatt’s house down. The Fiend blocked Orton’s path on Raw this week, forcing the 14-time champion to return to the ring where Drew McIntyre was waiting for him.

With McIntyre continuing to bother him and a champion versus champion match against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series, Orton has his hands full right now. So full that The Fiend might have to wait. In the meantime, Wyatt may well have teased who The Fiend will be coming for next during his and Alexa Bliss’s Alice in Wonderland Firefly Funhouse on Raw. Wyatt cosplayed as The Mad Hatter for the segment.

As someone who is subscribing to the theory that 19/11 is in reference to The Undertaker… FIREBONE FUNYARD MATCH AT SURVIVOR SERIES!!!— Ross Tweddell (@RossOnRasslin) October 27, 2020

It was something Wyatt had tucked into the brim of his hat that caught our eye. A piece of paper with the date 19/11 on it. The only thing we can think that is a reference to is the debut of The Undertaker. The Deadman made his very first appearance for WWE at Survivor Series 1990 on November 19. This year’s Survivor Series will be a celebration of his 30th anniversary.

We’re not saying the two will have a match together, but we are definitely not ruling that out. The Undertaker defeated Wyatt at WrestleMania 31, so their paths have crossed in a major way. It isn’t the first time Wyatt has used these numbers to try and tease something. However, without a match to speak of at Survivor Series, it seems incredibly feasible, even highly likely, that the lights will go out while Taker is in the ring on November 22, and he will be subjected to an attack from The Fiend.

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