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Ric Flair Thinks The Undertaker Will Return For Another Match At WrestleMania 37

The Nature Boy doesn't think we've seen the end of Undertaker's in-ring career.

It’s been four months since The Undertaker announced his retirement from professional wrestling on the WWE Network series, Undertaker: The Last Ride.

Of course, the future WWE Hall of Fame inductee wouldn’t follow rule out a return to the ring. In The Last Ride, Undertaker suggested that he would “consider” coming back if Vince McMahon wanted it, although the Deadman currently has zero desire to do so.

Well, fellow WWE legend Ric Flair believes we haven’t seen the end of The Undertaker in the ring. In fact, the Nature Boy thinks the Phenom could return for WrestleMania 37, slated to take place on March 28, 2021 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

During an interview on Inside The Ropes, Flair explained why he believes Undertaker will do another match on the Grandest Stage of Them all next year.

“I thought The Last Ride was fabulous—there’s not a finer man that has ever been in our business and I’m looking at that from every possible aspect. But I think he will be back. I think he wants it and I think the fans deserve to see him go out in front of 80 or 90,000 people live. I think he needs to wrestle again once we get this COVID under control and I would think it will be at ‘Mania.

If things work out and the company elects to go to LA if that’s the plan now—which I’m pretty sure it is but that could have changed since I talked to them last—but if WrestleMania 37 is in Los Angeles and they put 80 or 90,000 in that facility, I think he deserves it. I thought the match was great with AJ (Styles), but I could see him and AJ going at it again inside the ring. And I’m sure AJ would jump off the top of a building to get back in the ring with him.”

There’s no shortage of wrestling legends who came back to do more matches following their initial retirements. Trish Stratus has competed in several matches since retiring from full-time competition in 2006. Flair continued to wrestle for TNA following his WWE retirement in 2008.

More recently, Shawn Michaels returned to wrestle one more match at Crown Jewel 2018, more than eight years after retiring following his unforgettable showdown against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII.

For what it’s worth, WWE is reportedly planning to build next month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view around The Undertaker, since it marks the 30-year anniversary of his tenure WWE, although it doesn’t sound like he would actually wrestle.

Never Say Never, But It Seems Unlikely Right Now

One of the main focuses of The Last Ride centered around Undertaker’s desire to go out on a high note. He was shown to be very upset about his WrestleMania 33 match against Roman Reigns, and with his bout against Goldberg at Super ShowDown 2019. But Undertaker expressed content with his WrestleMania 36 match against Styles, and it would be hard for him to exit WWE on a better note. As such, it’s difficult to envision Undertaker wanting to come back, but you can never say never in the WWE.

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