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Undertaker Criticizes Modern WWE Product, Says It’s Kinda Soft

Will there ever be a straw that breaks the camel's back and forces Vince McMahon to make a product change? What about critique from The Undertaker?

For a long time, fans have been wondering if there will ever be a straw that breaks the camel’s back and forces Vince McMahon to make a product change that fans can get behind? So far nothing has worked. What about critique from his most faithful employee of all time, The Undertaker?

Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast this week and touched on a ton of different topics. Among them was whether or not he still watched the current wrestling product and was a fan. Even though he’s not that far removed from being an active member of the roster, The Undertaker surprisingly revealed that it’s difficult for him to watch today’s show because it’s too soft for his liking.

He talked about how men were men when he was a regular and now guys are playing video games and trying to look pretty. He believes that era is gone and while he didn’t say it was better or worse, he just hinted that it wasn’t really his thing.

He noted:

“It will probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it.” He adds, “It is what it is, to the young guys, they’ll say ‘oh, he’s a bitter old guy’. I’m not bitter, I did my time, I’m good. I walked away when I learned to walk away, I just think the product is a little soft. There are guys here and there that have an edge to them but there’s too much pretty and not enough substance.”

Undertaker went on to say that WWE is trying to cater too much to too many different audiences. Are they funny, are they hardcore? He said that the veterans and old guys all got too old to keep going at the same time and now the younger guys don’t have those mentors around to teach them the old ways.

It’s An Interesting Take That Will Have Different Reactions

The Undertaker is right in that his comments won’t get the same reaction from everyone and it will upset those who believe the wrestling industry did need to change. The old days and the old ways aren’t what today’s wrestling fan is looking for. On the contrary, some will agree that today’s crop of talent is way focused way to little on actually wrestling and telling good stories.

The key here is how Vince McMahon will react. Will he take this advice to heart and actually look at how his product is presented? Or, will he ever even hear that these comments were made?

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