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Terence Crawford spoke about all things boxing and his career as a special guest on the unfiltered, straight-talking Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer.

The Welterweight Champion is the latest to speak to Custer about life during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pound for pound star also discussed a possible Errol Spence Jr. fight, what he feels about PBC and top fighters and who he plans to step into the ring with next.

Crawford says he’ll sit out the whole year if he has too, but he’s not taking less money to fight this year with no fans…

“Just don’t try and tell me I have to take a pay cut because of a pandemic. I don’t feel that’s right when I’ve already gone through what I had to go through coming up. Now you’re telling me go back to ground one and take a pay cut. I just don’t feel like I can do that.”

Crawford’s message to the welterweight division…

“Sky the limit for me right now, I’m looking for all the big opportunities and all the champions.  I’m gunning for all of them.”

Crawford on Errol Spence Jr…

“There’s nothing really bad I can say about his talent or his skill set. It’s just business when it comes between me and him.

“He wants to be the best. He feels he’s the best. I feel that I’m by far the best in the division.

“That’s when you have two alpha males bumping heads and got to see who’s #1.”

Terence Crawford on how a Spence fight would play out…

“I don’t think he’ll fight me like just try and come straight to me.  I think that would be a bad decision for him!  Now he may, but I don’t think he’ll fight me like that.

“I think he’ll try to use his jab and oppose his will on me. But I think it’ll be more of a chess match than anything because I feel like I’m always changing things up.”

Crawford on how a Spence fight would play out in the ring…

“I think it will be more of a chess match than anything because I feel like I’m always changing things up. If he can’t keep up with me changing up the style and changing up the pace, and changing up the fighting style he’s going to fall behind.”


Who will be Terence Crawford’s next fight…

“My next fight should be Manny Pacquiao, we’re in talks with Team Manny Pacquiao and I’ve been hoping that fight can get made.

“But anything after that I really can’t say because I’m only looking forward to the next fight, so if we can get that fight secure and signed then hopefully that can be our next fight.”

Crawford says PBC intentionally keeping their top fighters from him…

“Once it came to a point where it was some of their big fighters, they didn’t want to put them in the ring with me because they didn’t want to have Top Rank have the edge over their head where one of their fighters took out one of their top welterweights fighters.

“So in a sense, they (PBC) just fight each other. Let’s just take each other out, and see what he does in the meantime. We’ll go from there.”

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