Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s quality that Canelo Alvarez wished he had

Praised the American's punching power

Canelo Alvarez doesn’t have much to envy in other boxers but the Mexican has admitted that he would like to have Mike Tyson’s punching power.

The current undisputed super-middleweight champion faces Dmitry Bivol on Saturday and praised the capabilities of Tyson when asked which boxer’s quality he’d like to have in his locker.

“He had a brutal punch,” he told DAZN of Tyson’s punch. “Even if he grazed you, he’d knock you out.”

His trainer Chepo Reynoso, incidentally, already feels that Canelo is very similar to Tyson, but physically rather than in regards to one particular trait.

“Canelo has worked a lot on his physique, he looks very strong like a true 175-pounder. He reminds me of Mike Tyson, but in white,” Reynoso told YouTube channel, KO Boxing Sports.

“Tyson was like that, a little short for the weight, but he was very strong and throwing a lot of punches, Saul has a very wide neck as well and I’m optimistic he’ll come out with his arm up. He thinks and knows how to handle fights,” the trainer added.

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