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Mike Tyson explains why Canelo Alvarez lost against Bivol and how he can beat him next time

Iron Mike gives Mexican a piece of advice for possible rematch

Canelo Alvarez suffered his second-ever defeat in professional boxing over the weekend, as he was unable to overcome Dmitry Bivol, losing by a unanimous decision.

Although all the judges’ scorecards showed the Russian as the winner, the result was close (triple 115-113), something not all fans agree with.

The Mexican, who has won world titles in four different weight classes, moved up to light heavyweight, a class in which he already reigned after knocking out Sergey Kovalev.

On this occasion, Bivol was a wall Canelo ran into time and time again.

Mike Tyson’s advice
Mike Tyson, who like Canelo regularly faced bigger opponents, has explained what the Mexican lacked to cause damage to his opponent.

Iron Mike, who was able to witness the fight live, offered his thoughts on how Canelo can win

“I just think if Canelo had used his jab effectively, hard, his opponent wouldn’t have been able to come in,” he noted.

“The guy [Bivol] was coming in because he wasn’t worried about Canelo’s jab. So, he got more aggressive, he got brave.

“If he’s not jabbing, he has no defence. If he’s not gonna jab, the guy’s gonna walk right in on him like he did.

“Next fight – use your jab, different fight.

“When he [Bivol] was jabbing, Canelo should have been moving, slipping the jab, anticipating the combination. If he was slipping the jab, the guy wouldn’t throw the combination.

“If Canelo would’ve used his jab, I was discussing with my wife [saying], ‘He’s not using his jab’, then the next round I saw him using his jab so his corner must’ve been telling him the same thing. I believe if he used his jab, it would’ve been a different fight.”

According to Canelo, he would have been more aggressive in the final rounds if he had known he was losing on the scorecards.

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