Mike Tyson

Sports World Reacts To The Mike Tyson Boxing Video

Mike Tyson’s still got it. A video of the 55-year-old boxing legend is going viral today.

In the video, Tyson explains to viewers how he thinks Canelo Alvarez could have beat Dmitry Bivol. It’s not his instruction that’s getting so much attention, though.

Tyson works the bag like he’s still in his prime. The force he’s still able to throw behind his jabs is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

He’s a beast.

The sports world is loving Tyson’s latest video.

“i understand listing mike’s age here serves to punctuate how impressive he still is, but man it’s hella redundant to me. mike could be 86 and working a punch bag and i’d still stop whatever i’m doin lol,” Mike Taddow said.

“I swear on everything, Mike’s technique in real time NEVER gets old,” Damon Sayles tweeted.

“Mike Tyson could be 90 years old and I’ll still think he could win a belt,” a fan said.

“I genuinely think I could listen to Mike Tyson talk about boxing for hours, such a wealth of knowledge. Love his podcast too! Side note, the power he still has. Damn!,” another fan commented.

We’ll never get tired of watching Tyson working the bag.

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