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Toad venom: What is the substance that almost killed Mike Tyson?

Former heavyweight champion discovered the psychedelic drug in 2017

Mike Tyson‘s admission that his use of toad venom as a psychedelic drug almost killed him has seen interest in the substance explode, but what exactly is it?

Whilst many cartoons may have portrayed the use of toads as hallucinogens, the practice of smoking toad venom is a relatively new phenomenon.

In a Miami conference called Wonderland, Tyson discussed how he almost died during his first trip under the influence of toad venom.

“In my trips, I’ve seen that death is beautiful, life and death both have to be beautiful, but dead has a bad rep,” Tyson declared.

“The toad has taught me that I’m not going to be here forever.

“There’s an expiration date.”

What happens when you smoke toad venom?

It is a fast-acting psychedelic substance that can usually begin to take hold after just five minutes of smoking.

Alan Davis is researching the drug for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Behavioural Pharmacology Research United, and he laid out the effects.

“The experience is going to start within 10-30 seconds and then you’re going to be physically incapacitated for 20 to 30 minutes,” Davis told the Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Can it kill you?

There have been studies that toad venom poisoning carries a high mortality rate, with it often causing mental health issue and cardiac episodes.

The National Poison Centre explains that the secretions of Bufo toads can cause severe irritation and pain, with tissue damage a further problem.

With this being said, the substance is considered a poison in the United States of America and it can be fatal, although further testing is likely required.

What can the drug make a person feel?

Tyson himself has suggested that his use of toad venom makes him more creative, whilst a lot of other users claim it gives them a psychedelic trip.

There is no defined medical use of the toad venom either, although it is often passed around at ceremonies within certain communities in the hopes of causing a religious experience.

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