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“I Ran Into Undertaker”: WWE’s Newest Star Shares Meeting Mark Calaway, the Man Behind the ‘Deadman’ Persona

Even though The Undertaker is retired from WWE, the veteran superstar is still considered a locker room leader. In a career that has spanned over 30-years in WWE, ‘The Phenom’ has seen many things and has contributed a lot in terms of experience for the next generation.

Recently, the newest WWE RAW debutant Veer Mahan appeared in a Q&A session with Sony Sports Network and recalled meeting The Undertaker before making his debut.

Veer Mahaan shared his experience about his long wait until his RAW debut and also spoke about his first interaction with The Deadman.

The Undertaker gave some words of motivation to Veer Mahaan

The Indian superstar recalled the memorable moment when he interacted with The Undertaker and got some advice.

He said, “Before my debut, I ran into Undertaker. I had a few call sessions with Undertaker two years ago in WWE Performance Center. And it was great to see him on the backstage when I was getting ready for my debut… He goes, ‘Man, are you ready for this?’ I said, ‘Yes, sir. Now, you are here and I am ready to go.’ That was one of the most memorable moment.”

We often see the Undertaker in the backstage area on a WWE show. As the RAW after WrestleMania was at Texas this year, Taker made his presence felt to Veer Mahaan and made his debut memorable. This is the reason Veer was pumped up when he was about to emerge.

Veer Mahaan is happy to share his culture

Veer Mahaan is considered the next big superstar to help WWE raise their fanbase in India. This time WWE has taken efforts to connect deep into the culture of India. Hence, Veer is doing the same in the company.

The new WWE superstar said, “And also I’m grateful to WWE to allowing me to express and represent the 1.4 billion people back in India and allowing to represent my tradition and culture, That’s massive. I don’t think there is any other platform out there that allows you to express the tradition and culture.

He added, “I’m able to wear the ring gear that I grew up seeing my dad and grandfather wearing that called Dhoti, and I am able to do that in WWE, to perform in it, which is absolutely amazing. When I was a little kid, I would go to temple and apply the forehead tripund. I am able to do that here. So, I’m forever grateful for that to WWE Universe.”

Veer Mahaan is carrying the Indian culture globally through WWE. With a debut so impactful, we can expect big things from Veer. 

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