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“He could impose his will when he wanted to” – The Undertaker names late WWE Superstar the toughest opponent he ever faced

The Undertaker expressed his affection towards his late friend Yokozuna. He named the former WWE superstar as the toughest opponent.

The Undertaker is one of the popular wrestlers among the fans of WWE. One on hand where he owns a huge fan following on the other hand the young wrestlers look up to him as a source of inspiration.

Many of the wrestler’s counterparts have named him as one of the toughest opponents to face. But, in the recent past, The deadman named the toughest opponent he has ever faced.

Speaking on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character Podcast, The Undertaker expressed his affection towards his late friend Yokozuna. Last year, the wrestler had named his late friend Yokozuna as the toughest opponent he ever faced.

The WWE superstar also spoke about the equation with his late friend, Yokozuna. The Undertaker said that there isn’t a day that goes by without thinking about his friend. He also said that the wrestler along with his late friend and a few others had started the legendary BSK group.

“Yeah, Yoko and I were very close. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about him. It just happened to be that Yokozuna and I, were close, we spent a lot of time playing dominoes and playing cards. That’s the origins of the famous BSK, dominos, and a group of like-minded guys that hang out together,” said the deadman.”

“It would be funny,” the deadman continued, “Because, if I won at cards before we went out (and wrestled each other), it was going to be a long night for me. Yoko could impose his will when he wanted to. He might sit on that Banzai drop longer than normal if I had taken a few bucks off of him while we were playing cards.”

The Undertaker reveals his rivalry with Yokozuna

‘I really miss him,’

The wrestler also revealed what he would do to get back at him for beating him in competition backstage.

“Yoko was a different kind of cat. There wasn’t a whole lot you could do to him. Basically, what I tried to do to him to get back at him was to run around the ring to chase me. Try to make him tired. That’s about all I could do because Big Rod was a man’s man. You know those Samoans man, they don’t play. I really miss him and the good times that we shared together.” (h/t Wrestling Inc)

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