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Fury, Tyson, Ali: The top 10 heavyweights of all time named

The Gypsy King steps back into the ring on Saturday night, and it’s fair to say that these occasions are well and truly savoured by boxing fans around the world.

Tyson Fury has treated us to 14 years of boxing perfection, out-classing every man that has stood in front of him.

For hundreds of years the heavyweight division has reigned supreme and has birthed some of the most prolific icons that boxing has ever seen, but how does Fury rank among the all-time greats?

Has he made his case for the greatest of all time? Where does he stand amongst those who have dominated before him?

DAZN have released their official list of the 10 greatest heavyweights of all time- it’s interesting to see who has made the cut.

Amongst the likes of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Joe Fraizer, Evander Holyfield and Larry Holmes, Fury takes his rightful place as one of the heavyweight GOATS.

Tyson Fury has been named amongst the greatest heavyweights ever

DAZN justify their selection by referring to Tyson’s victorious rivalry with Deontay Wilder, “One of boxing’s biggest punchers of all time.”

“Fury has combined pure boxing skills with underrated punching power to a supreme level amidst his growing dominance. And both components of his fighting game have been on display in all three of his fights against Deontay Wilder”

Tyson’s ability to overcome one of the most devastating power punchers ever, truly shows why he belongs in the GOAT conversation.

You can see DAZN’s list of ten below:

Muhammad Ali
Mike Tyson
George Foreman
Tyson Fury
Joe Frazier
Larry Holmes
Evander Holyfield
Rocky Marciano
Joe Louis
Lennox Lewis

Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion ever

Frazier posed problems for Ali, Holyfield gave Iron Mike a rough ride, but no one, not even The Bronze Bomber, has been able to defeat the Gypsy King.

Fury’s mind has also proved truly unbreakable. DAZN mention the “personal obstacles” that he has faced throughout his career.

A rough ride with depression, drugs and alcohol saw The Gypsy King balloon to 28 stone, putting his ability to compete on pause for three years.

Muhammad Ali is widely regarded as the greatest boxer ever

Making an epic comeback to reclaim his championship in 2020, will forever go down as one of the most inspirational sports achievements ever.

DAZN granted Fury his rightful spot amongst the top 10 heavyweight that have ever lived. If he is able to get through Dillian Whyte on Saturday night, the world of boxing needs to have a different conversation.

How long before Tyson tops the list of heavyweight GOATS, to reign supreme over those who came before him?

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