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Mike Tyson’s anger issues explained – ‘My mind is a torture chamber’

MIKE TYSON has admitted that "staying in control" is a problem because his brain is a "torture chamber".

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson, 55, has been in the headlines recently after he was videoed punching a passenger on the same plane as. His representative said the man he punched was “agressive” and had been “harassing him and threw a water bottle at him”. But this isn’t the first time the Tyson has lost his cool; the heavyweight champion has a history of assaulting people outside the ring. He even broke into a zoo to fight a gorilla in the 80s and has spent several months in jail for assaulting motorists following a traffic accident. In recent media appearances, Tyson has offered an insight into possible reasons for his behaviour.

Over the years, Tyson has been open about the “trauma” he has faced over his life and attributes his lack of self-control to this.

In the past, Tyson visited a doctor who he said could immediately tell he had fear issues due to trauma, which were responsible for his angry outbursts.

“The doctor saw my brain…. what he did say was, ‘Hey! There’s a lot of activity going on in there with your anger.’

“He could tell I was angry. And he could tell I was afraid, I had fear issues. I had trauma issues,” Mike Tyson told the website FightHype.

The Hangover star has admitted he had a bad relationship with his parents. His father was known to have abandoned him when he was born and his mother was an addict who neglected him.

He has even been snatched off the street and sexually molested as a child.

Talking about the fear he faced over his life to Sky, he said: “It’s like fire, you can use it and command it and have it warm you.

“But if you let it get out of control it can kill you and everything around you.

“I don’t think about much but my mind is a torture chamber. It is not my friend.”

In 1998, the star was medically evaluated at the Massachusetts General Hospital which reported that the star suffered from depression, anger, low self-esteem, irritability and a lack of impulse control.

“I have to control it in order to have any stability in my life,” he added.

“That is my biggest problem to date, staying in control.”

The relationship between trauma and anger

People who have suffered from trauma, and have post-traumatic stress disorder, are more likely to have more intense feelings of anger.

PTSD is characterised by a higher level of tension and arousal in sufferers to the point where it becomes their normal state.

For years, Tyson hid the trauma of his sexual molestation because he “probably” felt shame over it, he told ESPN.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has opened up in the past about being sexually molested by an older man (Image: GETTY)

Although the emotion is a normal thing people feel sometimes, it can affect your life if it is persistent.

According to the NHS, you should visit your doctor when you feel that you need help with your anger.

They may refer you to a counsellor or a local anger-management programme.

Most programmes will involve one to one counselling sessions.

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