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The Undertaker: WWE legend’s iconic segment with Hulk Hogan was 20 years ago today

The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are two of the biggest names in WWE history, with the legacy spanning nearly forty years.

As two of wrestling’s most famous names, feuds between the two are often remembered fondly by WWE fans. Indeed, it was Hogan who The Undertaker beat to win his first world title from, just a year after his debut at Survivor Series 1991.

However, it’s their programme ten or so years later that is often recalled when fans talk about the two WWE Hall of Famers. Hogan returned to the company in 2002, rehashing the nWo in WWE as Vince McMahon’s ‘poison’ that he wanted to inject into his story with ‘co-owner’ Ric Flair. 

Following his iconic match with The Rock at WrestleMania X8, Hogan ditched the black and went full on red and yellow as WWE fans enjoyed the nostalgic ride of having ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan back in WWE. And by Backlash WWE had cashed-in on the sentiment by making Hogan the WWE Undisputed Champion. 

Hulk Hogan as WWE Undisputed Champion in 2002.

On that same card, The Undertaker beat Stone Cold Steve Austin to become the number one contender to Hogan’s crown and thus began a feud between the pair that would culminate in a meeting between the two legends at Judgement Day. 

Yet, it isn’t the match that most fans recall from the short story between the pair, but the go-home Monday Night Raw on the 13 May 2002 – twenty years ago to the day. 

With Undertaker in full ‘Deadman Inc’ mode – the second incarnation of his biker gimmick – Hogan had irked his challenger by destroying his motorcycle a week previous, and Taker was hell bent on getting revenge. So what’s a Deadman supposed to, do? 

Hulk Hogan and Undertaker battled at Judgement Day 2002.

Well, how about tie the most famous name professional wrestling has ever seen to a rope on the end of your motorcycle, and then proceed to drag him hilariously across an arena? Eventually flinging (ever so gently) into a pile of boxes and falling scaffolding. 

It’s a scene that comes during the final embers of WWE’s Attitude Era, and on the cusp of a time that would go onto be known as ‘Ruthless Aggression’, but it remains a much talked about segment even two decades later. 

Undertaker would go on to defeat Hogan at Judgement Day, before the two spilt into separate feuds with Triple H and Kurt Angle respectively. It would be the last time the two huge WWE names would ever face-off in a WWE ring against each other. 

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